Though I gained popularity with my artwork as I grew up, I've always held a love for the written word. I've written long stories, poems, essays; essentially anything and everything. Though I've taken breaks from writing before, when I started writing my original novel back in 2013, I felt doing some writing exercises as well as 'fun' pieces would help keep me from burning out. As such, I started writing little bits and pieces for various fandoms.

Mass Effect

One of the things I love about Bioware games are their expansive lore. There's so much hinted at, just enough to provide a small bit of guidence, but they leave things open enough to make the way for fan theories and speculation. For me, I absolutely love the main villian of the first Mass Effect game, Saren Arterius. As such, I wanted to stretch my writing muscles, and decided to tackle a series of ficlits as well as one ongoing series that mostly featured the indoctinated Spectre.

Shepard Twins AU

Faith and Hope: On-going. An alternate universe series. I wanted to play with the concept of twin sister Shepards, where one follows the in-game storyline, and the other follows her own meandering path. This story also tries to fill in a few of the less fleshed out pieces of lore.

Secret Weapon: For Mature readers. Faith Shepard has been studying under the ever-critical eye of the galaxy's top Spectre for several months. After discovering a certain fragrance that tends to drive male Turians wild, Faith manages to improvise a weapon that makes even the hardened Saren Arterius slightly nervous.

Alphabet Fiction: On-going. A collection of various little drabbles, one for each letter of the alphabet. Timeline will bounce around if you read A-Z. I'll post a guide to read it in order after I finish the entire thing

Valentine Blues: Poor Faith Shepard can't seem to catch a break on this, the most 'romantic' of holidays.

A New Beginning - The First Day: The war is over, and civilization is rebuilding. Saren Arterius wants to build a safe haven for Biotic youngsters. But is he ready?

Notes and Bits: Not a story; just a collection of headcanon, facts, lore, and other things that help understand the universe of Mass Effect.

Other Mass Effect Stories

How I Met Your Mother: On-going. Before the Reapers, before Commander Shepard, before Garrus was even born! Castis Orinia was a normal, straight-laced C-Sec Detective working on a case that no one else wanted to touch. The elusive hacker 'Smoke' had been terrorizing C-Sec for over five years and had ended a few careers already. Determined to bring the criminal to justice before any Spectres could, Castis learns sometimes rules must be bent or even broken to bring down evil. And if he happens to stumble across the love of his life along the way? Bonus!

An Unlikely Friendship: What if we'd had a chance to recruit Saren on Virmire instead of what happened? How would things have changed?

Dragon Age

Though I don't write much about Dragon Age anymore, I still have a fondness for the series. I usually end up romancing Zevran, so be warned.

Terra Cousland

Standard Sizes Not Allowed: The large framed Terra Cousland has a bit of trouble fitting her body into most armors found on the road, since they're all made to fit a 'standard size' that she is not.

Rainy Night: For Mature Readers. Zevran finds himself inside the tent of Terra Cousland after a sudden downpour catches them both unprepared.

Growing Up: A little snippit explaining Terra Cousland's fondness for the elves who worked in her childhood home.

Other Dragon Age Stories

Light at the End: Alistair reminisces as he walks to his Calling.

The Book of Forbidden Knowledge: Loosely based on a movie many might recognize, young Arielle Amell comes across a forbidden tome within the Circle tower.