Many authors get their start writing fan fiction. However, most of those authors will later deny it, simply to try and cover up their earlier, rougher attempts at writing. Personally, I got started writing Mega Man X fan fiction. And like those other authors, I am almost ashamed of my earlier work. They are all riddled with bad spelling, worse grammar, and most of the characters seem undeveloped. However, to my surprise, putting my fan fiction back onto the website is one of my most frequent requests. It's good to know that, despite how horrible they seem to me, there's some enjoyment to be had from them still.

All the work listed below is no longer being updated. I know they're all unfinished, and I apologize. However, I no longer can even recall where I was going with most of these stories. Please be gentle in your judgement. My writing has improved quite a bit since writing these (or at least I hope it has).

Dragon Age Fanfiction:

2 Sentance Smut: A writing exercise with a naughty twist. NSFW.

Book of Forbidden Knowledge: Loosely based on a movie many might recognize, young Arielle Amell comes across a forbidden tome within the Circle tower. Complete

Light at the End: Alistair reminisces as he walks to his Calling. Complete

Rainy Night: Zevran finds himself inside the tent of Terra Cousland after a sudden downpour catches them both unprepared. NSFW. Complete

Standard Sizes Not Allowed: The large framed Terra Cousland has a bit of trouble fitting her body into most armors found on the road, since they're all made to fit a 'standard size' that she is not. Complete

Terra Cousland - Growing Up: A little snippit explaining Terra's fondness for the elves who worked in her childhood home. Complete

Mega Man Fanfiction:

Loves Last Chance : A story revolving around my two fan characters, Luna the human and Pinto the former Maverick.

Merrin's Story: A time traveler, stuck almost 200 years in the future, deals with daily life amongst the Maverick Hunters.

Pinto's Origin: Pinto, normally quiet and reserved, finally opens up to Luna about where he came from.

Xavier and Lily: Xavier, the son of X and Zero, becomes close friends with Vile's daughter, Lily. Be warned, Mary Su's abound.

Pain of Innocence: My longest running fan-fic, sadly unfinished, tells the story of Rezo, Zero's long lost twin brother.

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