February 6th, 2013
Well, it's only been slightly less then a year since my last update! ...sorry about that. Since I have two other pages that update every week, this one tends to fall by the wayside until I build up enough artwork to make an update worthwhile. I really think this batch contains some of the best artwork I've ever done, and I've given some thought to putting together an art book.

April 30th, 2012

Many appologies for the long wait between updates. I've actually had several pieces of artwork to display, but sadly did not have the time to write up the code for each page. As such, they've been sitting for awhile. Oddly enough, I'm still very pressed for time right now, but I somehow managed to finagle a few free hours to work on just the site.

January 18th, 2012

So, after managed to survive the holidays (and the lingering sickness that always seems to follow when I'm visiting people), I've made it back home and have gone right back to work. Already, Maq #041 and Fantastibad are updating again. Also, after reviewing the poll results from last year, I've begun work on the new comic that won the vote: Demon Rose. Actual pages from that comic wont start for a little while, until there's a bit more fleshed out with it. Once pages begin, I'll let you know here.

Following my normal end-of-year traditions, I went through all my folders and uploaded all the artwork I had finished in 2011. As such, big art update this time! And with my new goals of doing more art this year going well so far, I should have even more artwork next time!