December 9th, 2011
Well, I finally got sick of how bad the wordpress site looked. Honestly, I hated it immediately, but I stuck with it since I didn't know what else to do, nor did I have time to devote to a site redesign. However, after putting up with it for a few months, I finally said to heck with it, and forced myself to work on a redesign. I know this is a bit odd, but I wanted something the stretched my css skills, as well as my design skills. It's not perfect, but I like it. Perhaps next time, I'll do something even more different!

Right now, there's not much of an update. Everything should be running smoothly, though if you find a bug, please tell me about it.

-=October 16th, 2011=-

I started drawing and coloring with the computer back in the good old year of 2000. Since then, I've done most of my work with a sketchpad, pens, and photoshop 7.0. Over the years, I saw more and more people using tablets, but I stuck with the tool I'd been using since the beginning: a mouse. For 11 years, I've held out; not because I didn't want one, I just couldn't afford one.

So after years of wanting but never having, I finally found myself at Best Buy, and within a few minutes, was leaving with a Bamboo tablet and pen. Today, I hooked it up, opened photoshop, and took my first stab.

Stab, being to operative word, since it was very painful. I always thought a tablet pen would work like a mouse, and the tablet a mousepad that had sensors. Instead, I found that just waving the pen over the tablet would move the cursor, and touching = clicking. This is going to take a LOT of getting used to.

So, Ive decided that all non-essential art from this point on will be done with the tablet in order to teach me faster. So any art you see posted here will be tablet art. And it probably will not be as good right at first. If you want to see my first attempts, they'll be uploaded to Tumblr on a regular basis. Feel free to point and laugh.

-=September 25th, 2011=-

Even though it's almost over, there's a Mega Man X marathon that's been going on since Thursday at 6pm. They've already played all the way through X8, and are now back around to X1. They're raising money for Child's Play, so even if you don't have time to watch, please go over and donate! They'll be playing all day today until 4pm!

Megathon X

These are the same group that did the Megathon last year as well. These are a good group of people! Help them reach their $1000 goal!!

Edit: Thanks to everyone who visited and donated!

-=September 6th, 2011=-

I've come to know myself and my moods over the years, and I've noticed a pattern to them. During most days, I get into a routine and hold to it. But the moment the weather turns fair, as it has today, I wake up early and am instantly struck with the desire to do EVERYTHING. Within 5 minutes of waking up to the first lovely day down here in Florida after a soggy and hot summer, I wanted to:

- Fix up the garden
- Write more to my novels
- Update my website
- Work on both published comics
- Go to the beach
- Do laundry
- Clean the house

And yes, that was all within the first five minutes. So far, I've managed to get the laundry going, but just sitting here at my computer is driving me up the wall. My energy is through the roof, and it's all because of the weather. Probably, if it holds up for the week, you will see me churning out all sorts of work. So check back, and keep an eye on my Tumblr (NSFW).

Wow I love this weather! I think I'll wash my car today too!

-=August 12th, 2011=-

I've been asked by several people my opinions on Legends 3 and the exclusion of Mega Man X from MvsC3. I'm rather flattered, since it's been years since I ran a Mega Man fan page. Apparently, my voice still has a place amongst the fans. However, what I say may not please many people.

-=My Gaming History=-

Like many people, when I first heard of Legends 3, I was happy. Anytime a new Mega Man games is in the works, I feel happy. But I must be completely honest when I say Legends is one of the few Mega Man games I never played. I owned the games, but never played them for a simple reason: I never owned a PS1. I had my Nintendo and SNES. And then my parents wouldn't buy me anymore systems, nor could I blame them. I was never that big of a gamer (I'm casual at most), and even though I was a big fan of the Mega Man series since I was about 8, I couldn't warrant spending my own money (or that of my parents) on a new system where I'd only have a half dozen games for it and play it sporadically. This is a mentality that I have carried with me for years and still have to this day.

When I met my husband in 2006, I got back into gaming because he was into it as well. I was still only casual, since I was busy with doing my comic, writing, and working a job. I encouraged my husband to play some Mega Man while I worked, so I could watch. I never truly converted him, but he knows I love the series quite a bit. He had, after all, seen my "Wall o' Mega Man" collection. So, we bought a Gamecube together, my first console buy since the SNES, and I immediately bought any Mega Man related games that came out for it. I enjoyed myself greatly, since in many ways it was picking up an old friend and getting to know them all over again.

We've since added a 360 as well as a Wii to our console family. Each buy was considered thoroughly. Did the console really improve on the former versions to warrant buying it, and did it have enough games for it already that we would play? If the answer was yes, we went for it. So far, we haven't invested in a PS3, since the only game we'd be likely to play is the God of War Trilogy. At this point in my life, I didn't really touch a game unless it was Mega Man related, since it was the only game I really felt was worth my time and effort. But so few games had come out recently for a system I owned. There had been the attempted reboot with the PSP, but I play games so rarely, and almost never on a portable. I already have a DS I barely touch, so I couldn't excuse myself to buy a new portable just to play two games, even if they were Mega Man. I bought the games anyways to support the series and add to my collection, but they've never been played.

My husband and I are starting out our lives together, and like every new couple, money is an issue. One of the things we allow ourselves to splurge on once or twice a year is a small handful of games. Pretty much all of them are for him, though I'll admit I've stolen Dragon Age out from under him: the first game I've played on a regular basis that wasn't Mega Man in well over 15 years. Then I hear about Legends 3 finally coming out, and my interest in my old love is flamed once more.

-=Recent Events=-

When the DevRoom opened, I took part in very little. Instead, I watched. I figured this was a time for the true fans of Legend to come forward and shine. Were this an X game, I would have participated, but since this was a game I knew little to nothing about, I decided to be a silent supporter. I read the posts, got hyped up with the fans, and saw how much work they were putting into it.

But when Capcom said it was going to be released for the 3DS, I had a bad feeling.

For one thing, I hate 3D effects. With a PASSION. Anytime a movie comes out in 3D, I don't see it unless there's a 2D version playing. I already have to wear glasses or I can't see the scene. Putting another pair over that just gives me a headache. When I heard about the 3DS, I worried for Nintendo sales. After all, the DS wasn't THAT old, and it had already been upgraded to DSi. Now there was a 3DS? it seemed like they were releasing the same system over and over, only the new ones were given some new gimmick to try and sell it. And I'm sorry, gimmicks don't sell, at least not to me. To me, this wasn't a 'new platform', it was an upgrade to an already solid system.

So already I knew I wouldn't be buying the system this game would be coming out on. Like with Powered Up / Maverick Hunter X, I would buy the game and never get to play it. Didn't bother me too much, since I'm still a collector at heart. I still cheered for the game, but I felt a little of the wind had gone out from under me.

I still had my other love to look forward to: Marvel vs Capcom 3. While I never owned any of the previous incarnations, I remember fondly playing them in college in the little arcade they had (it had two whole machines in it, and MvsC2 was on of them). I had already purchased and tried Tatsunoku vs Capcom awhile back, but the game just didn't have the right feel to it. But I had high hopes for MvsC3. After all, my childhood game was well represented with the presence of my favorite character, Zero! I was curious, since he already had an appearance in TvsC, but I figured it was because of his popularity. And there was Tron, to loan support to the Legends fans. But like many fans, I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of a third Mega Man character. I figured since they had two on the list, they simply couldn't fit anymore in. After all, they have a LOT of games, and it's good to spread the representation.

Then I saw the polls. Naturally, I voted X, and got rather excited. A game where I can have an X/Zero/Morrigan team-up? Dream come TRUE! And it looked like results favored the blue bomber.

Then the bomb dropped, and dropped hard. Legends 3 got the ax. I felt so sorry for the Legends fans, and I understood their outcry. While I can understand Capcom not wanting to fund a venture that didn't have enough support, I think they underestimated the games true potential. However, I held back my voice. After all, it was canceled NOW. Didn't mean it would never be made. With any luck, they would later revisit it, and it would be made for a system that was already well established. But then, an added boot to the head of the collective Mega Man fandom, they excluded X from MvsC3 DLC pack. This, I felt half and half on. We already had two Mega Man characters, and one was from the X universe. Spread the love a bit. But even so, they could have put classic Mega Man back in to appease the fans. But instead, X was simply given the ax, and a slew of other characters made it in.

-=In Summery=-

I can understand some of what Capcom did. At the end of the day, they are a business and must protect their interests. They've always been good to their fans, and they do listen to us. They knew what would happen when they canceled Legends 3, so they must truly believe it's what best all around. We had our anger, now it's time to calm down and move on. Legends 3 is NOT dead, it's just gone back into stasis. I'd much rather wait awhile more for it then have it release and be largely ignored by the rest of the gaming world. While Legends fans are many, and they're upset, they may not be enough right now. Perhaps now is the time to push for a re-release of the old games, touched up for the latest generation of systems. Get new fans interested in the series to join the already established fans. As for X as a DLC, we'll just have to wait for the next fighting game, I guess. Perhaps Smash Bros? Personally, I think I'd like to have a Mega Man fighting game that featured all characters from all the series. I would REALLY like that.

-=June 26th, 2011=-

Well, I think I've managed to get into a good routine lately. I'm getting comics done faster and more efficiently, which leaves me more free time! And yes, I have been squandering a LITTLE bit of that time on Dragon Age (don't judge me!), but I've also been spending it on getting some projects done. One of those is working on more artwork for myself. I'm hoping to have more artwork I've been wanting to do here soon. I'm also going to open up commissions here in another few weeks, so if you've been interested, get your references together now! I'll make the announcement here and on Deviant Art. As usual, there will be limited slots, so you'll have to move quickly to get a spot. They fill fast.

In other news, I signed myself up a Tumblr account. I didn't really get it at first, but it seems like fun, and it allows me to post progress pictures of whatever I'm working on with ease. I also answer any questions thrown at me, so feel free to send me a message!

-=New Artwork=-

-=May 23rd, 2011=-

I've come to realize something today: I hate writing descriptions for my artwork. I have my Etsy page all set up and running, but only had the strength to write one item description. As such, all that is available up there right now is 13's lounging poster. Fortunately, I made much better headway when it came to putting up the site's old Store section. After a few hours of playing around with it, everything should be running smoothly now. If you run into any issues with it, please let me know ASAP.

As for Deviant Art, that is my next project. After I finish this post, I intend to toddle over there and give it the update it has been sorely lacking for ages. Granted, most of the new pages will be comic related, but hey, it's an update. I'm also going to look into why my group suddenly disappeared, and if I must, re-start it.

So there you have it! I've got quite a bit of work to get done this week, but I wanted to be sure the page came first. Hopefully there'll be more updates here soon as I fill in the missing areas and expand on what we already have.

-=May 23rd, 2011=-

I would like to thank everyone who stopped by my table Friday and Saturday. I got to talk to so many wonderful people! I had so much fun! I'm sorry I wasn't there Sunday, but I had a plane flight switch, and ended up leaving early. To all those I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to, I'm so sorry! I hope I'll see you all again soon!

As for immediate updates, I'm gonna wake up early tomorrow and my first job will be getting the shop area re-opened. I had wanted to do it before Acen, but Dragon Age 2 various things caused me to fall behind schedule. Rest assure, I wont rest until I've fixed everything.

The other project I plan on tackling is fixing up and updating my Deviant Art. I took a break from it after I got that nasty virus from it's ads, but now that things are going smoothly again, I'm sure many of my followers there would like to see what I've worked on lately.

So check back later tomorrow, and hopefully there will be some nice juicy updates for y'all!

-=May 7th, 2011=-

Well, in good news, I found out I made it into Anime Weekend Atlanta, up in Georgia. I've only been the one time, and I had fun, so I'm looking forward to going. However, the convention that has my attention right now is Anime Central, since it is only a few weeks away. In the interest of selling, I've been working like made to get some new stickers made. Among those are the Gundam Wing 5, as well as Zechs, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, Miku, Rin, and Len from Vocaloid, Bowser, and lastly Malachite and Jedite, both of whom I know many people have been waiting for. As I finish these up, though, I'm left wondering who to do next. In the interest of doing something popular, I decided to go with Hetalia. I'll be doing the 9 big countries (Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England, France, Russia, China, and Canada) for my first run. I'll probably come back later and do the others. However, after I've done those nine, I'm wondering what to work on next. There's several series out there that are big, and I want to appeal to as many people as possible. So, I thought I'd get some opinions on it.

What series would you like to see next?
Fruits Basket
Rainbow Bright
Ranma 1/2
Full Metal Alchemist
Fushugi Yugi
Ouran Host Club
Mega Man X
Mega Man Battle Network
Mega Man Zero

The more input, the better! Also, feel free to vote for several.

-=April 23rd, 2011=-

Well, it seems lately all I've done is tell people all about my conventions and computer trouble. Well, despite the fact that my laptop, Dingo, now has the virus (although there's nothing important on it that the virus can hurt), I've been tweaking and playing with the site itself.

I know there's several glitches here and there, but I'm slowly going through them all and fixing them. The biggest area of complaint would have to be the Artwork section, since half the images weren't loading. Now, however, it should all be fixed and working fine. If there's still an area that's causing problems, by all means let me know.

While fixing the artwork errors, I went ahead and uploaded some new artwork that's been laying around since I last updated the site (in September). I know most of it is comic related, but I assure you I have been working on personal artwork. I just haven't FINISHED any of it. However, I have a month long break from the comic coming up here next week, so hopefully I'll have time to finish some long awaited stuff.

The last section that really needs worked on is the Store. I know several people expressed interest in purchasing my artwork online after Tekkoshocon, and I'm sorry it's taken this long. However, I had to borrow my friend's camera to take the photos of the work (since my camera is a P.O.S.). Now I'm just waiting for them to send me the photos. Once they do, I'll upload it all the Etsy and get the store up and running.

-=New Artwork=-

-=April 12th, 2011=-

As most of the people viewing this site have found me through my table at various anime conventions, you can see why their input is so valuable to me. I wanted to ask people what they would like to see from me in the future. I know many people want to see stickers of various series, and while I can't get to them all, if there's enough demand for one series, I'll put it at the top of my to-do list.

This isn't just for those wanting to purchase from me either. I've come into a dry spell when it comes to just doing artwork in general, especially when it comes to the series nearest and dearest to my heart. If there's something you'd like to see me work on, please feel free to pitch me ideas. I could use the inspiration!

As far as conventions are going, it looks as though I will NOT be attending Otakon. Their method for using a lottery to give out Artist Alley tables is really unfair to those of us who were at the site on time, ready to sign up. I'm somewhere on the waiting list, but since I live far enough away that I have to fly, I need to get my plane ticket at least a month in advance if I want to go. However, from what I've seen, everyone who got a table is jumping on it. At max, maybe 10 people wont show. So unless I'm in the top 10 on the waiting list, chances are I wont get a table. And no table means no Otakon. I'd love to go, but Otakon expenses run around $600, and that's before even buying anything at the convention itself. The only way I can afford to go is if I have a table and can sell to make some of that money back.

Hopefully within the next month or so, I'll find out if I have a table. If I manage to get one, I'll let everyone here know.

-=April 11th, 2011=-

Well, not long after posting the last blog, I went online (on my uninfected laptop) and discovered that I in fact had managed to contract that oh-so-fun piece of Malware known as "Malware Defense". After several attempts to be rid of it (and failing), I backed up all my important files, then reformatted. After the reformat, I went ahead and downloaded MalwareBytes, then put my files back on the computer (after ridding them from my back up drive).

Now I'm in the process of getting all my computer programs back onto my computer. Sadly, I lost all my fonts when I reformatted, so I'll have to seek those out again to keep working on my comics. But other then that, everything is back to normal for the most part.

I'd like to thank everyone for their advise and support. Getting a virus is never fun.

-=April 8th, 2011=-

This morning started out late for me. I managed to make it back safely from my trip to Pittsburgh last night, and decided to sleep in a bit. I got up before noon, ate some cereal, and got online. As I went to check DeviantArt, however, I got a strange warning. I have Avast on my computer, and it's normally very good about letting me know when something is bad, and is even better about stopping it before it gets onto my computer. This time however, it was a different program I had never seen before. It sported the windows shield logo, so it looked legit. It informed me there was malicious spyware (and it looked like it had the name blaster and worm in the virus id, which was odd) on my computer, and I needed to activate Windows Spyware to get rid of it.

Now I'm no fool. I know there are programs out there that will disguise themselves and get you to click on them to 'protect' yourself, and in return you get infected. So I instead opened up Avast, and scheduled a boot-time scan, and then restarted. The scan took awhile, and it found several Trojans, as well as told me some folders in Opera were corrupt. This was unsettling, but I figure I was due for a reformat anyways so oh well. I let windows start back up so I could back-up all my recent files. Low and behold, there was the malicious spyware warning again. Now I was worried. Had Avast failed to get rid of all the viruses? So just to make sure, I did a second boot-scan. This time, all it told me was, again, Opera was corrupted. Start back up, and the spyware warning was still there.

Now I'm at an impasse. I'm keeping that computer off until I can figure out what to do. Has anyone else dealt with this supposed Windows 7 Spyware program, and is it legit? Or is this a phony? Either way, if anyone can give me clues as to how to back-up my personal files (which are all kept in one folder separate from all the program-important files), I'd much appreciate it. I have a ton of art and the like that I do NOT want to loose, but I don't have any local computer-savvy friends and I don't wanna spend a whole lot of money getting this fixed if I can do it myself.

-=April 4th, 2011=-

Up and least for the most part. I looked through my portable hard drive, and low and behold, there was the back-up of my website, including all the images. There are some things still broken here and there, and one or two pages that need rebuilding, but for the most part, the page content is all there. However, the site itself is still being worked on. I'm going to create new images for it, and to do that, I need access to my .psd files, which are still at home. So while the content is all here, the site will continue to change until I'm satisfied with it.

In other news, Tekkoshocon has finished, completing my first con of 2011. Not one of my higher grossing conventions, but still paid for itself. It made me realize that I don't have enough to offer. I used to make money because I had so many series available in various forms. Now, it seems like all my fan-art is either Sailor Moon or Mega Man. I fully intend to change this. I want to get more series done for stickers before Anime Central in May. With any luck, I can expand my offerings to the crowd. It'll give me something to work on, while I spend another week here in Pittsburgh, visiting with my good friends who run Moon Bunny Imports.

Another thing I've been thinking about is hosting a panel at a future convention; one that tells up and coming artists the in's and out's of selling in Artist Alley. There's quite a bit to be covered, and it seems to be a question asked of my many times. However, all the cons I'm scheduled for this year already have their panels filled. So hopefully next year.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who stopped by my table, whether you purchased something or not. It's so wonderful to just speak to other people who have similar interests to mine. You were all so wonderful, and I look forward to seeing you all again next year! And as always, if there's something you'd like to see in my inventory, feel free to leave a suggestion. I always read them, even if I don't always follow them (although usually I do).

-=April 2nd, 2011=-

So today, and for the rest of the weekend, I will be selling at Tekkoshocon. Manifested Dreams was kind enough to lend me to last quarter of her table, since I didn't get a tax license and couldn't get a table on my own otherwise. Currently, I have several posters, prints, mini-prints, and stickers available, although I've already sold out of Companion Cube stickers, and there are several others that are going quick. If you wish to grab one of your own, you'd best get over there soon.

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, the page is looking rather...bland. I brought all my site info with me (surprisingly) but I don't have any graphics. As such, I can only tweak the page so far. I will arrive back home on the 7th, and will get to work on making the page all nice and shiny again.

Those of you that wished to order some artwork online, please be patient. I'll be uploading it all to my new Etsy site, to make it easier for ordering, once I'm back home.

As always, thanks so much for putting up with the delays. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of more updates for this old site.

-=March 31st, 2011=-

I know I've always built my websites myself, but it's become to difficult to keep up with, and keep it updated. I'm gonna give wordpress a chance, but there's no guarantee that it will be staying. My artwork and other stuff should go up as soon as I decide on the layout.