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Places to Find Me:

Deviant Art

Finished Comics:

: A cute, well drawn comic about a modern day Elf trying to make it in the human world. Along with her non-human friend's, they struggle to adapt and become American citizens.

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal: An amazingly drawn and well written story about two guys on a roadtrip across the USA. Occassionally NSFW.
Girly: The zany adventures of side-kick Otra and her leader, Winter.
Errant Story: Meji the half-elf is desperately trying to find a way to become an all-consuming powerful god-like mage so she can enslave all of humanity for her school's final project. Contains mild nudity, sexual references, and mild language.
Bob and George: One of the most popular Mega Man sprite comics there is.

Ongoing Comics:

: My friend Plantman's Rockman comic. Very cute, random comic, drawn in a very original style.

: I'm not sure what to say about this comic. It's gaming related, and completely random. ....RAT FLAIL!

: One of the most interesting comics out there, it tells the story of Kano, a psycho-patient who's brought to another world because one of his alter-ego's has been chosen as that world's champion. Contains nudity, violence, and language. Not for younger viewers.

: A comic to make your head turn, SGVY features Yuki, a poor anime-loving boy who gets turned into a magical girl. Now nothing will stop him from trying to turn back into a boy, not even the great Surt and his Norse hosts!

Oglaf: Random, usually NSFW comics that are goofy and fun. Well worth a read if you've a perverted sense of humor.
Fanboys: Games and goofy people. Enough said.
Order of the Stick: A rather thoughtful and well played fantasy comic, drawn with stick figures.
Dueling Analogs: Video games and shenanigans.
Sinfest: The incredibly funny daily comic about Slick and Monique and crew in their daily lives. A must see, if for no other reason then the "God using hand-puppets" comics. Contains mild language and sexual references.
Mega Tokyo: Anyone worth their salt already reads this funny comic of the lost-in-japan duo, Piro and Largo. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do so soon, or we will all laugh at you behind your back.

Interesting Places:

Habit RPG: A place to level up as you go about your daily tasks. Helps motivate you to get things done!
Astronomy Picture of the Day: I've been checking this site near daily since I got on the net back in 1996.
Silk: Lose several hours. Very relaxing and stress relieving.
Click. Make. Play: Music maker. Very fun.