One of the best ways to get an increase in traffic to your site is to affiliate yourself to several big pages. That way when people visit their pages, they'll see a link to your page and they might just give it a click. It's a fair system that works really well for an online community like the Mega Man fandom. If you wish to become affiliated with me, all you have to do is send me an e-mail with your webpage address and I'll check it out. If I like what I see, I'll e-mail you back with one of my affiliate buttons and ask for one of yours.

These are the current Affiliates of MHHO

Rockman Perfect Memories Rockman.EXE Online Megaman Network digitallyFANGED

Please make sure all the following applies before asking to be affiliated:
-Your page has to have been around for more then six months. That shows that you've had enough time to become experienced with html and are truly dedicated to your site.

-Your page is updated regularly. About once a month should be right. This way I know that you're taking your job as a webpage manager seriously.

-Your page must be nice, clean (language and content wise), and easy to navigate. Nothings worse then a page that gets you lost all the time, or is so foul that you're embarrassed to look at it.

-You must have a button for me to link to your page. 88x33 is the ideal size for affiliating with me, although if you are really really nice to me, I might make one for you.