Before you order any commissions from me, please make sure you look over the FAQ I have written down. It'll help keep down any misunderstandings.

Order Form

FAQ #1: Payment must be received before commission is sent. Once I have accepted your commission, I will send you an invoice through Paypal. If you wish to pay half before and half after, please let me know when you request the commission so I send you the right invoice. Once I have at least half of the payment, I will begin your commission.

FAQ #2: Commissions take time. Normally when I confirm a commission, I will also give you a time range of when the commission should be done. Sometimes I can get them done in a day or so, sometimes a week. If it's a large commission, it can take up to a month.

FAQ #3: Changing things about your commission. I had draw each commission, then either ink it by hand, or digitally ink it. Anything done by hand can't be changed once the ink is down. Small things like moving a line or erasing a small part can be done, but changing things like pose, expression, clothing, etc. can't really be changed once it's hand inked. If it's digital, some minor changes can be done. However, I will always send a scan of the sketch to a commissioner before I ink it, and that is when I can make major changes easily, so PLEASE review the sketch thuroughly before giving me the go ahead.

FAQ #4: Upgrading your commission. If you change your mind about what commission you'd like after you've paid the invoice, please contact me ASAP. If its a simple as upgrading from a sketched or inked commission to a fully colored one, that's easily done. Changing from a full image to something more simple is a little more difficult, and if I've already completed most of it, I may not be able to downgrade.

FAQ #5: Multiple Commissions. Please mention on your initial order form if you're interested in ordering several commission pieces. Depending on how many are already in my queue, I may or may not be able to complete them in a reasonable amount of time. Contact me directly rather than using the form if you want to place a large order of 4 or more commissions at time.

FAQ #6: Yes, I will draw nudity. If you commission this option, you are hereby telling me that you are at least 18 years of age or older. If you are not, please don't get me into trouble.

FAQ #7: No, I will NOT draw anything pornographic. Not because I object to it; I'm just terrible at drawing it. I'm sparing you dissapointment.

FAQ #8: Anything non-human. Furries, buildings, automobiles; if there's something non-human you wish to have included in your commission, please contact me first. I can draw most things, but not everything. I want to make sure I'm providing you with a quality piece of art.

FAQ #9: Posting it afterward. Once you have recieved your commission, you are welcome to post it wherever you like. All I ask is that you credit me and provide a link either back to this website, or to whatever social media site you found my information on. This is how I drum up business, and your assistance is greatly appreciated. Also, please understand that, unless you say otherwise, I reserve the right to use the commission as I see fit and post it to my own site and social media. If it contains original characters, I will of course respect your rights. If it's a popular (or copyrighted) character, I reserve the right to use the commission for future prints.


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