Kim Samson

Me in my wedding dress
-Marital Status: Married January 31st, 2009; Separated October 2013
-Alias: Maqqy/Maq
-Age: 31
-Astrological Sign: Ares
-Likes: Spring, surfing the net, swimming in clear water, the ocean, playing in the snow, writing, warm days with cool breezes, trees (especially maples), reading fantasy, drawing, dreaming, looking at scenery and then writing bad poetry.
-Dislikes: Lack of discipline, vegetables, people who don't critique properly, and bugs (that is, bugs that bite, and are really tiny).

I was born and raised in Ohio, though I've lived in both Pennsylvania and Florida for short periods. In 2005, I earned my State Board certification in Massage Therapy, and currently practice in Ohio. I no longer sell at anime conventions like I used to, however that may change in the near future.