For several years now, I've avoided making a FAQ page. I figured people wouldn't be e-mailing me that often, except to submit something of theirs to be displayed. However, I have been proven wrong. Many of the same questions keep cropping up, and it's become a pain to have to answer them again and again. So, before e-mailing me about ANYTHING, make sure to read through this FAQ.

Q: Will you illustrate my webpage/RPG/story/etc?
This is the question I have been asked more then others. And the answer is simple: No. I am not an art slave. If you wish to commission me one picture at a time, that's another story. I tried being nice before, and drew for free for several people. But no more. The answer is no. And that's what it's going to remain.

Q: Can I use your art on my webpage/video game/etc?
I'm usually a very easy going person. However, once again, this privilege has been abused, so once more, I'm forced to say no. I no longer will allow my artwork to be spread across the net without my having some control over it. I've spent years developing my artistic skill. If you want to make your page/whatever illustrated, either use clip art or draw something yourself. In the end, it will look more professional if you do it yourself, and you'll feel much more proud of yourself. However, if you wish to commission me to do a piece, that is different. A commissioned piece of artwork is also your property. You can display it wherever you wish; you just can't sell reproduced prints of it.

Q: Can you teach me how to build my own webpage?
I don't mind offering advice on webpage building, since I never would have gotten started had many people not helped me. But I have to admit, I'm not a very good teacher. If you wish to have me give you advice, or even critique what you already have, simple send an e-mail my way. However, if you want a more in-depth description on how to build a webpage, I would recommend looking through HTML Goodies. Don't let the fancy page intimidate you, it's an easy read. FYI: 90% of this page was built using their advice on tables. The rest was done looking at other people's page sources and figuring this out.

Q: Can you teach me how to draw?
Sorry, but it's really difficult to teach someone how to draw when you can't actually show them how in person. About the best I can do is point you over to my coloring tutorial (located in the Fan Media section) and tell you "practice, practice, practice".

Q: Can I message you over AIM?
That's why I put my AIM name (Maqqy96) up in the Contacts area! I love to hear from people, especially when they have seen my webpage. Please understand, however, that I'm very busy. Most of the time when I'm on AIM, I'm not actually there (I'm terrible about putting up away messages). I have the (ADHD) bad habit of wandering when I should be working at the computer. Other times, I get so wrapped up in a task I forget someone's trying to talk to me. So if you message me, and I don't answer, I'm not ignoring you. Just be patient. I'll answer eventually.

Q: Are you still writing your fics? And what happened to "Otaku"?
Ah my beloved fics. Written before I knew a lot about writing. I've stopped writing all my old fics, save for one. I still work on Pain of Innocence, although very rarely. It's filled to the brim with poor spelling, bad grammar, and has a large infestation of Mary Su's. But I still love it. If you want to see more chapters, just start pestering me. I'll write more eventually.

As for "Otaku", it's undergone so many revisions at this point that it no longer resembles it's original form. I've since renamed it 'Lost Legends', though that title may change again at a later date. Currently, I'm working on writing the main plot points out of the first book, and with luck, I'll have something to show for it soon. I'm not sure whether or not I will post the entire story online, but I will post preview chapters and small snippets once I have some I feel are worth reading. As always, constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged: I'm not a perfect writer, and I know there are plenty of areas that I will need improvement on. Hopefully someday I'll be able to publish the story, but that's off in the future, so I'm not worried about it right now.

Q: Are you going to put the fan-art/fics back up?
This is a question that many people have been asking lately. And I'm sorry to say, but no. I will not be putting those sections back up. They're only infrequently updated, and even then, it's too easy for me to loose a submission if I don't put it up right away. This website has moved on to become a place for my stuff. While I still hold onto all the art and fiction submitted over the years (they're on a back-up disk) I highly doubt I'll be bringing them back online to their page.